TECHCERAM is based near Shipley, West Yorkshire in the UK and was formed in September 1996, following six years of research and development work.

TECHCERAM developed and patented a unique flame spray process to manufacture alumina single unit ceramic substructures, which subsequently had Techceram Flex-Al dental porcelain applied to make dental restorations such as crowns, onlays and veneers. This technology replaced the metal base layers which had been traditionally used.

TECHCERAM is ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 accredited and is committed to product innovation and customer service. TECHCERAM has its own
in-house dental laboratory, TTC Ltd which has full DAMAS accreditation.

TTC used the patented flame spray technology to manufacture the coloured alumina substructures for single unit restorations e.g. crown, onlays and veneers for many years. Due to advances in technology, TTC opted to discontinue the use of it’s flame spray technology & replaced the product with the Vita Alumina & Spinell CAD/CAM.

At TTC we felt it was important to continue the research for a new all-ceramic product we could bring to market & in late 2010 that product was released. Techceram Zr has since gone on to make a strong impact on the CAD/CAM zirconia market. Techceram Zr is ideal for crown & bridge substructures with bridges of up to three units possible from this zirconia.

TTC also uses CAD/CAM technology from 3MESPE to manufacture coloured lava zirconia substructures for multiple and single unit restorations e.g. bridges and crowns. This is an ideal restoration for the private, top end all-ceramic market. In addition to the traditional Lava zirconia, in early 2012 3MESPE launched Lava Plus which is a more translucent zirconia with identical capabilities to the traditional Lava but with the added bonus of being an ideal replacement for Gold Shell crowns due to its full contour capabilities & added translucency.

TTC also uses CAD/CAM technology from Sirona (Cerec MCXL inlab) to manufacture coloured Zircad Zirconia substructures for multiple and single unit restorations. Zircad is an ideal ceramic alternative to precious metal bonded restorations.

TTC also added the e-max Pressable Glass Ceramic technology from Ivoclar in order to serve the growing market demand for high strength Inlays/Veneers & crowns. 2013 will see the arrival of the e-max Multipress system.

TTC has recently added the Lava Ultimate Resin Nano Ceramic technology from 3MESPE to allow us to continue to be a market leader in all aspects of
all-ceramic restorations.

2012 was a big year for Techceram & TTC as we linked up with Renishaw to allow our customer base access to Laser PFM Chrome Cobalt frameworks

TTC now supplies over 200 dental laboratories in the UK with ceramic substructures, which are then processed with the application of compatible dental porcelains to produce the final all-ceramic dental restorations.