Committed to Quality and Innovation

TECHCERAM are innovators in digital workflow for Dental Laboratories and their clinicians. Innovation is our byword. We are constantly striving to be the best, innovating with equipment including Milling, 3d Printing & Intraoral scanning equipment.  Our aim is to empower our dental Lab clients, helping them lead in digital laboratory workflow, to produce an end-product which will delight the patient. At the same time Techceram help Labs improve efficiency and profit for their lab, as we partner together.

Milling & 3D printing bureau service
Techceram has an industry leading, high tech laboratory to support our lab clients. Supplying the latest ceramic polymer & metallic restoration options we work for crown & bridge, implant and orthodontic laboratories throughout the UK. Using high quality materials and cutting edge processes, our expert technicians produce the highest quality frameworks and full contour restorations; for our customer laboratories. We offer 3D printing for implant models, orthodontic treatment and drill guides.
Milling materials & 3D resins
Techceram supply the latest innovations in materials to laboratories who have their own milling machines and furnaces. We are the accredited 3M Lava Distribution Partner in the UK. Milling materials include Kerox, Sintec K cobalt chrome, PMMA & Wax burnout & diagnostic.
TechSil paste
FeguraSil translucent paste
TechDi polising paste
CS high speed investment
We have an extensive range of 3D resins available.
Open Digital Workflow
Techceram also supply the latest ‘Open Digital Workflow’ equipment and software to enable laboratories to offer the full in house service to clinicians. Ranging across milling machines, scanners, furnaces, 3D printers and CAD/CAM software all backed up by Techceram’s maintenance contracts.
Research & Innovation
Techceram is led by researcher and innovator Phil Evans PhD MIM. Phil is known globally for his expertise, passion and dedication to the development of better dentistry. He and the Techceram team have an ongoing programme of extensive research in to materials and biocompatibility through their own development laboratory Techceram Technology Centre (TTC). Equipment innovation is led by Richard Buckle, whose career has led him to introduce many leading edge technologies to the market.

Milling Machines

Techceram are the UK distributor of Imes-Icore, leading German manufactured milling machines. From a compact mill for your lab to a 12 disc multi material loading mill, or a high end metal mill capable of milling full arch Cobalt Chrome and titanium. There’s even a chairside mill for clinicians.

3D Printing

Choose the right 3D printer for your Dental Laboratory. For volume, diverse applications or chairside convenience. Techceram have the right printer for you.

Lab Scanners

Master the most complicated of cases of dental scanning with Smart Optics. Decide for yourself which scanning mode best suits your working style; the state of the art in dental scanning Vinyl or the simple to operate, quick and cost effective Scanbox.


Our Lab technicians run regular courses, so to begin, or improve your ExoCAD and HyperDENT skills call Techceram today.




Our team can advise on the best materials for your applications from our extensive range.


Open System CAD/CAM Technology


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