Superb return on investment with Imes-Icore Mills

Time for a new mill

If you’re looking for a new mill for your lab, price is obviously a major consideration. There are some lower priced products on the market but here at Techceram, we’re done the research and the maths. We believe there’s a good case for spending just a little more in order to get so much more from your equipment.

1. Reliability
Recently we were asked how much the spindle was for an Imes-Icore 250i. The lab was pricing up a 250i against another well-known brand, which was quoted with a replacement spindle, assuming this was a wearable part. By contrast we have Mki 250i’s that have been working for us for eight years plus and a Mkii mill that is five years old, working an average six to eight hour day, all on their original spindles. We have never had to replace a spindle on any 250i we have sold. With Imes-Icore, you get the very best in German engineering.

2. Quality
Based on the accuracy and performance of their 250i’s, two leading UK labs bought top of the range 650i Imes-Icore mills. Their experience working with Techceram and the high engineering standards of their existing mills were the deciding factors.

3. Integrated Open System
Many smaller mills require an external PC for the CNC. The new 250i comes with an integrated PC, saving on space requirements and of course, the need to buy a seperate PC. Additionally, the material holder is open and accepts any open size disk, so you can mill a whole range of dry and wet materials

4. Wise Investment
We are often asked about running costs. With the 250i you will achieve many years of reliable performance with no need for replacement parts, meaning your investment lasts longer than cheaper, less reliable mills. Over time the small additional investment for the 250i will give you a return in reliability and a long life.

5. Technical Support
Techceram don’t just sell Imes-Icore machines – we are a fully equipped service and support centre. We use 250i, 350i and the top of the range metal milling 650i in our own milling centre.

If you’d like to see these mills in action, we have an open lab event on Friday November 8,
just click here for details or call 01274 4126664