RayDent 3D Chairside Printer

RayDent 3D Chairside Printer

Use – ideal for surgical guides, temporary crowns and study models 

Print all your biocompatible indications and light cure in one unit.

The RayDent 3D chairside printer has been designed specifically perform in a clinical setting. With compact design, easy to use operation. Each model resin comes in a small sachet, so decanting in the the resin vessel takes moments. The small curing unit is also ideal and after curing you simply wash the model under a tap.

Speed – temporary crown printed in only 8 minutes

The RAYDENT Studio 3D printing solution completes the seamless workflow from scan to print for dental clinics and clinicians. RAYSCAN OBJECT SCAN allows you to scan a stone model or an impression using your existing CBCT system.

The RAYDENT Studio software converts the DICOM into a 3D printable STL file so you just design your own dental appliance and print it, or you can submit the file to a dental lab and simply order a finished product.


Ray’s RAYDENT Studio dental 3D printer is suitable for the dental industry, more specifically for:

  • Provisional Restoration (Main Application): 15 – 25min
  • Surgical Guide (Sub application)40 – 60min
  • Dental/ Ortho Model (Sub application): 15 – 25min

RAYDENT Studio software features

  • Auto-mesh
  • Auto-slice inspection
  • Auto-orientation for optimal position
  • Auto-generation of supports
  • Auto-UV calibration

Fast and accurate printing