Structo OrthoForm


OrthoForm – The fastest SLA printer on the market today. Print up to 12 arches in 28 minutes. 

Use – Ideal for producing models for orthodontic aligners, retainers, ULA/LLA, bite splints, guards

A unique printer which utilises patented MSLA printing technology. Rather than a single light source, OrthForm uses an LED projector to illuminate the build platform with a single flash. The digital mask determines which areas are lit and hence cured.

The benefits are astounding. No other printer in this price segment can offer a build area and print speed. OrthoForm offers high performance yet can sit on a table top. 


  • RESOLUTION (XY) – 96 µm x 96 µm      
  • RESOLUTION (Z) – Adjustable 25 – 100 µm

Low Maintenance

  • Ultra-reliable with plug-n-play spare parts


  • 450mm (L) x 550mm (W) x 800mm (H)

High Speed

  • Print up to 12 models/arches flat in
    28 minutes @ 100 µm
  • Print up to 30 models/molds vertically in
    90 minutes @ 100 µm

Large Build Volume

  • 200 (X) by 150 (Y) by 100 (Z) mm