Microlay DentalFab

Microlay DentalFab – Super competitive DLP printer with integrated UV cure unit. Print up to 4 arches in 90 minutes.

Use – ideal for surgical guides

Print all your biocompatible indications and light cure in one unit.

DentalFab is unique printer which utilises highly accurate and stable DLP printing technology. By utilising a traditional projector lamp to illuminate the DLM chip, DentalFab is able to work with a wide range of resins. The team at MicroLay are continually adding new programmes to the printer in order to print and cure new resins as they come to market. DentalFab is the only DLP printer with a built in post-cure unit. 

High Speed

  • Print up to 4 arches in 90 minutes @ 100 µm
  • Print 1 full study model in 180 minutes @ 50 µm

Build Volume

  • 107 x 60 x 160 mm


  • RESOLUTION (XY) – 55 µm x 55 µm
  • RESOLUTION (Z) – Adjustable 10 – 100 µm

Low Maintenance

  • Ultra-reliable with unique optical camera and TeamViewer for diagnostics