Want a State of the Art Lab?

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Achieving this may be much more affordable than you think. The rapid changes in our industry has meant that accessing state of the art equipment is now ​achievable for many labs and dental practises.
So we can guide you on the best configuration for your Lab, lets understand how you work.
What is your current digital setup?pick one!
How much of the ‘Open Digital Workflow’ process are you looking to take control of?pick one!
If you are interested in ExoCAD, which sections do you require information on?pick one!
Which ExoCAD modules are you interested in?pick one!
What applications are you looking to produce with your scanner?pick one!
Implant work - Which main systems?pick one!
Which type of environment do you want to mill in?pick one!


We recommend that you keep wet & dry milling environments separate, soft materials can be milled dry & hard materials can be milled wet.

How many units per day do you expect to mill?pick one!
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