These superb, high quality materials only from Techceram. Our expert knowledge of materials, means only the best and most suited are added to our product range, following rigorous material property analysis by Dr Phil Evans. His work with manufacturers to refine products to suit the UK market means you are assured of excellent results from these products.

Everything we stock has been tested in our own milling centre; you can talk to our Lab team about results. All discs can run on any Imes-Icore milling machines. We offer a standard disc diameter of 98.5mm.

  • Aidite Multi Layer 3T Zirconia

    • Create life-like aesthetic effects
    • Optimal shade transitioning technology
    • Flexural strength 1050 MPa
    • Translucency 50%
    • Opaquing technique available for inner fit surface, applied prior to sintering,
      for implant retained cases or discoloured prepped teeth.

Design > Mill > Sinter > Stain/Glaze

  • Aidite Wax Discs
  • Kerox NT (Techceram ZR is the same) Disc
  • Polydent Temporary PMMA Disc