Kerox NT

Techceram have supplied the Kerox NT material to TTC who use this material to produce the well respected Techceram Zr restorations. This material is a high strength zirconia (~1500mpa) ideal for frameworks and can be supplied in either white or pre-shaded disc options.

NT (Natural Translucent) & K2 (Pre shaded)

Techceram have found that the K2 pre-shaded discs are the most popular ‘pre-shade’ throughout the marketplace, therefore we consistently hold both 18mm & 25mm deep discs in stock, we can provided you with the K1 & K3 shaded discs but please be aware that these will be subject to an extended lead time.

We also stock the following depths of Kerox NT (unshaded/white) discs:-

  • 12mm (with 10mm step)
  • 14mm (with 10mm step)
  • 16mm (with 10mm step)
  • 20mm (with 10mm step)
  • 25mm (with 10mm step)

We offer a standard disc diameter of 98.5mm.
In Stock.


CAD/CAM discs in every compatible forms and sizes:

  • Outstanding aesthetic qualities
  • Highest strength in the dental market
  • Standard sintering method: no adjustment is needed in the sintering curve and in furnace settings