CORiTEC 350i Loader


With the CORiTEC 350i and CORiTEC 350i Loader processing systems, a novel machine concept has been developed which meets all modern requirements for CADICAM processing. The processing of all relevant blank materials from CoCr_ titanium, zirconium dioxide, plastics, block materials, and new future materials is thus possible with a single machine system, virtually without restrictions.

The modern and optimized machine kinematics, with high free angles of the 5 axes of over 30°, allows milling and grinding in wet and dry processing in high quality. This makes the system ideal for demanding laboratories as an all-rounder to produce all typical applications in your own lab, in high quality, using CAD/CAM technology.

With the CORiTEC 350i Loader system, the integrated technology of an automated 12-fold material changer is ground-setting; it allows the machine to perform its work at full capacity, round the clock without supervision milling high-volume, time-consuming jobs such as models, splints, or dentures.

Technical Highlights

  • 5-axis simultaneous processing
  • Integrated wet or dry processing
  • Processing or all important materials used in the dental industry, including metalworking
  • Automatic blank changer with up to 12 blanks, including zero point damping system
  • 20-fold tool changer
  • Servomotors on all axes
  • Axis tilt angle up to 30°
  • HF spindle up to 80,000 rpm
  • Integrated control PC with touch screen
  • Chip protection of the tool changer
  • Frontal machining of the workpiece possible
  • (B-axis in 90 degree position)
  • Processing of up to with automatic blank change
Technical Specification Detail
Number of axles and machining type 5 axes, simultaneous machining
Tilt angle for machining with 98mm blank A-axis +/- 30deg / B-axis +/- 25 deg
Wet processing Integrated
Spindle max/Pmax 6O,000 rpm / 1 kW
Axle drives Servomotors
Tool fitting 6mm shaft
Tool changer 20 fold with chip protection cover
Work piece changer 12-fold fully automatic (standard 6-fold, extendable to 12-fold)
Weight 225 kg
width x depth x height 1058 x 790x 857 mm
Mains voltage/frequency/power 100V-240V / 50/60Hz / 2300w
Compressed air supply 6-9 bar constant supply, 100 litres/minute
Materials CoCr/NEM, titanium, zirconium dioxide, aluminium oxide, PMMA, plastics, composites, wax, glass ceramics and hybrid ceramics
Compatibility 98mm/98.5mm blanks, CAD/CAM blocks, NT-Trading pre-milled abutments, Medentika reFace°abutments, Lava frames