CORiTEC 650i

The CORiTEC 650i and CORiTEC 650i Loader machines are premium milling machines, designed specifically for Dental Laboratories milling hard metals such as Cobalt Chrome; used in full arch implant work. Or for high throughput of soft materials, using the optional 12 and 16 disc loader.

The machine concept impresses with its precise, vibration-free and dynamic motion sequences in the demanding and complex metal working processes. All other relevant materials can also be milled or ground with high quality using this machine system, applying wet and dry processes.

The CORiTEC 650i loader includes a fully integrated automatic 16-fold blank changer. This enables you to operate the machine system at full capacity around the clock without supervision, while maintaining consistent high precision. Thus, the machine system is ideally suited for large labs and milling centres, where these high quality standards and large quantities are at the forefront.

Technical Highlights

  • Accuracy in all axis – Accuracy: ~7µm
  • Repeatability -Yes / ~5µm
  • Controller make – Controller is LOGOSOL
  • CAM solution – Open
  • Dry only enhancement
  • Maintenance – Preventative maintenance
  • System – Open
  • Accessories / Customisable – High speed Roughing tool (coming soon) milling larger parts
  • Auto-Calibration – Coming soon

Technical Specification Detail
Linear drives in linear axes and direct drive in rotation axes – for greater accuracy
The most recognised advantage of linear motors is the absence of moving parts, which enables them to achieve much higher positioning accuracy and repeatability than ball screws. Another benefit in positioning accuracy is provided by the encoder. While ball screws typically use a rotary encoder mounted to the motor for positioning feedback, linear motors use a magnetic or optical linear scale for position feedback. The linear scale measures position at the load, which gives a more accurate reading of the actual position. For very high-precision applications, this more accurate position feedback can mean the difference between a part that meets specification and one that requires rework or scrap.
Linear motors and torque motors
Linear motors enable maximum precision and dynamic performance in various motion control tasks. These include not only rapid traverse, but slow, constant speed traverse of machine heads, spindle slides, tool management systems, part handling devices and more. There are considerable cost savings to be realised when various mechanical components are replaced by simple and efficient.
Measurement System
Absolute linear measurement systems in all axes. Giving incredibly accurate milling
Linear encoders boost accuracy by correcting errors downstream of mechanical linkages. Linear encoders track axis position without intermediate mechanical elements. The encoders even measure transfer errors from mechanical linkages (such as rotary-to-linear mechanical devices), which helps controls correct for errors originating from the machine. Thus, this feedback lets controls account for all mechanics in position-control loops.
Milling Spindle
Pmax 3,2kW
Clamping System
HSK 25
HSK provides heightened accuracy over Direct as the tool is fixed in a collet, with a more secure collet for greater accuracy. This makes little affect to soft materials, but on metal the tools will wear much quicker up to 20-25% reduction for example on a roughing tool. The daily running benefits of the HSK 25 is that there is no room for incorrect alignment of tools. This is because the Collet holds the tool which is then picked up with the collet. All other systems are subject to user error loading coupled with residue from milling which collects in the loader and is very difficult to remove. For soft materials this is not critical, but for metals every increment affects the accuracy. There is little affect to soft materials milling, but on metal the tools will wear much quicker up to 20-25% reduction for example on a roughing tool.
Tool holders 32
Granite 625kg
This affects how much the machine flexes and accuracy, for soft material this is less of an issue. For harder materials accuracy and wear are compromised. Stability and a firm base are essential.
Zero-point Clamping
Zero point is exact, for Medentika abutments this is essential, or you result in L/R shift. A zero-point clamp will allow you to precisely mount a laser sintered bar in a jig. Changing is fast, just 5 seconds. Ideal for high speed repeatability.
Clamp position


Max tilt angle
for machining 98mm blanks

A axis +/- 30 / B axis +/- 25o

(no loader)
x 16