One CAM solution for everything

For efficient and continuous processes

With hyperMILL®, both simple and complex geometries can be programmed efficiently. Workpieces can be completely machined in a single setup thanks to the broad range of machining strategies. The advantages: continuous and more efficient processes, reduced processing times and higher reliability.

In addition, hyperMILL® offers several options for automated programming, reducing machine cycle times and optimising processes. Examples of this include sophisticated feature and macro technology, automated functions such as mirroring and transforming, functions that minimise auxiliary processing times such as job linking or production mode, and fully automated collision checking and avoidance.


  • Easy, time-saving programming with automated functions such as transformation and mirroring.
  • Intelligent functions such as job linking or production mode reduce auxiliary processing times.
  • Automatic indexing for 5axis machining that saves time and is easier on the machine.
  • Multiple 5axis strategies for cavity and surface machining.
  • Fully automated collision checking and avoidance for the highest process reliability.
  • Functions for HSC machining and high-performance roughing.
  • 2D, 3D, HSC, 5-axis and mill turn strategies combined in a single interface.
  • The world’s leading 5axis technology.
  • Special applications seamlessly integrated in hyperMILL®.
  • A unified postprocessor for turning and milling.

Follow-Me Technology Group

Follow-Me’s products are developed by dental engineers for dental technicians

  • FOLLOW-ME! realised early on that milling expertise was becoming increasingly important in the dental industry, and that the challenges here were clearly different from those of other industries. The approach was therefore to use a separate company to develop a CAM product from scratch, tailored to the specific needs of the dental industry.
  • FOLLOW-ME!’s technology was based on the high-end milling strategies of OPEN MIND, the innovation leader in 5-axis simultaneous milling.
  • FOLLOW-ME!’s development team is made up of experienced CAM developers and CNC milling experts, as well as dental engineers and dental technicians.
  • FOLLOW-ME! thus offers a combination of milling and dental know-how which is unique in the market.


HyperDENT has established three product lines on the market that are each specifically tailored to a customer group and the requirements of this customer group

  • hyperDENT ‘Compact’ is the high-quality starter version with an unbeatable price/performance ratio. The customer receives the complete range of high-end milling strategies and a broad selection of functions that can be used on soft materials, and one machine type.
  • hyperDENT ‘Classic’ is the flagship product of the hyperDENT family. The customer receives all functions and the complete range of high-end milling strategies that can be used on soft and hard materials as well as glass ceramics. With a hyperDENT Classic workstation, any number of machines can be controlled.
  • hyperDENT ‘Options’ offer the customer the opportunity to upgrade to a virtually all-powerful industrial CAM, without losing the simple and intuitive operational guidance.