Cobalt Chrome Sintec K from Renishaw

Laser PFM Chrome Cobalt frameworks

2012 was a big year for Techceram as we linked up with Renishaw to allow our customer base access to Laser PFM Chrome Cobalt frameworks.
3D printed LaserPFM™ is an ideal alternative to cast or machined semi-precious or non-precious crown and bridge frameworks.
Renishaw’s LaserPFM frameworks are 3D printed on their own additive manufacturing machine – the Renishaw AM250. In the case of LaserAbutments, the detailed implant interfaces are then machined on a high precision milling machine, preserving the accuracy and passivity of fit.
Renishaw LaserPFM frameworks are heat treated after 3D printing, removing internal stresses in the framework. The result is a stress-free, distortion-free bridge that can be fired many times for veneering purposes without the risk of losing accuracy.



What we offer

  • Full arch capabilities – Span length of 16 Unit possible due to manufacturing technique used
  • Advanced capabilities- Up to 4 Adjacent pontics on bridges within U/L 3-3
  • Up to 2 Adjacent pontics between retainers on posterior bridges
  • Strong- Single unit Ultimate Tensile Strength: 800 – 1050MPa
  • Bridge units Ultimate Tensile Strength: 900 – 1100MPa
  • Accurate – Fantastic accuracy on fit due to CAD/CAM production techniques
  • Problem Solving – Ideal solution for those ‘problematic’ long span cases requiring passive fit